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Level  3 - GUITAR

What it looks like

Level 3 is about seeing music in a 3 dimensional way. In Level 2, you should have built a strong foundation for playing in the main 5 keys. Now you'll learn to take that and use it up the neck, allowing you to adapt on the fly and to be a versatile, adaptable, complex, colorful, and confident player. 

Level 3 thinking is taking what you know and being able to effortlessly apply that knowledge, experience, theory up the neck, an with ease. A high level of experience is required. You can't get there without many-many hours under your belt. 

Where We're Headed

Level 3 focuses on scales, playing expressively, the CAGED theory, transposing, using a capo, & adding lead. We'll move outside of the open position, and the 5 main keys and learn to apply that knowledge up the neck. The neck is no longer built around the first 3 frets (cowboy chords) or so, but fluidly capable of flowing up and down the neck with the same confidence.

More videos coming Spring 2023

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