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Level  1 - GUITAR

What it looks like

Level 1 is about getting that train moving. Going from zero to at least mastering the first 7-10 chords, and being able to strum along with at least down strums. We've got to learn how to keep our instrument in tune, how to take care of it, how to hold it properly, how to strum, how to make good sounding chords.

Where we're headed

In Level 1, we'll learn the first most common chords. 

A, A m, C, Cadd9, D, Dsus, Em, E, F, and G

We need to be able to know those chords inside and out, and be able to put them to rhythm patterns. Rhythm is how we move sound forward - the beat takes a sound and gives it consistent motion. YOU are the drum. YOU are the rhythm. Let's get things rollin'.

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