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Level  2 - GUITAR

What it looks like

Level 2 is all about building a strong foundation. From this foundation you'll be able to expand on it and learn to be creative within it and outside of it.  These are the fundamentals of how music works, how rhythm works. You'll be building on your experience to help you be confident in most any situation. 

This is about recognizing and organizing chord groups and progressions in your mind. This can only happen with time, focus, and experience.

We want to move passed constant "responding to" into confident "contributing to."

Where We're Headed

Level 2 is categorized by the 5 most common keys played on the guitar: 


Key of A

Key of C

Key of D

Key of E

& Key of G

The Circle of Chords helps us see the different "keys" in an organized way.

If you can build a foundation of playability and knowledge around these 5 keys, you'll be ready to apply that to other keys and move into level 3.