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Inside Out ONLINE

Jacob Paul

Do you feel like you've hit a brick wall in your music development? Maybe you look through books or YouTube videos, and know there's more but have a hard time making the connections. Maybe you already play some, and are ready to take that next step, go to that Next Level.

Not sure where to go, or how to get there, or where you even are along the way? This site, and the videos & resources on it are designed to help you organize, and categorize your learning.  This website is designed to be updated as time goes on, so have patience, and be kind.  It's presented in a fun (sometimes silly) & systematic way, helping you build knowledge, gain experience, & give guidance along your musical journey.


What are the Levels, and how do I know what level I'm on?

Level 1 is all about getting started. How to go from absolute zero to gaining traction, and feeling like you've climbed the first hill. You'd be learning how to tune, instrument care and upkeep, basic rhythm patterns and its importance. You're learning 10 or so of the most common chords, and learning your first few songs.

Both learning and transitioning between chords in a smooth manner is a big part of completing Level 1. Here you're developing good habits for your instrument, and your relationship to it. 

Interested in the deeper philosophy of Level 1?

Level 2 is all about gaining traction, and understanding the bigger picture. You learn your role as a musician here, able to be on the rhythm train - contributing with proper timing and chords, etc.

Chords and melody are organized into Keys. You'll learn the 5 most common keys here.

Most aspiring players fit into this category. They get lost here. We learn basic and creative/expressive ways of doing things, in the "open position," or within the pocket.

Want to dive deeper into the philosophy of Level 2

Level 3 is all about understanding the neck, & also applying understanding to advance more complex options. We break away from the open position, and learn to apply what we've learned up the neck. We see 2-3 ways of doing most tasks. Transitions  and application should become second nature, without tremendous focus and processing needed, especially for basic tasks.

Playing with others consistently & successfully is essential.  Want to dive deeper into the Philosophy of Level 3?

Level 4 represents a professional, high performing player. Creativity & personal expression are consistently & confidently obvious. Not only are you able to see things within the key, but you can break rules, with ease, outside the key - styles like jazz, bossa nova, etc.  

You're in the top 1% of musicians at large.

Focus and response or attention takes little to no effort. Can see and contribute multiple options at all times within the moment. Want to explore Level 4 more in depth?




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Inside Out Studios offers Artist Development, Music Lessons, Vocal Coaching, and Recording & Production services based out of the NW Arkansas area. Jacob and Sarah started IOS at the end of 2009. For more information on Inside Out Studios, visit our homepage.

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